Acewell Digital Speedometer for Bullet Tiger Head

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INR 7,500


Excellent Water resistant, anti-vibration structure and noise immunity design

Red-Amber-Green shift warning LED indicators

Air-temperature sensor can measure real outside temperature.

Flexible battery warning voltage settings from 11.0 to 14.9V

Speedometer can show nearest 0.1 km/h speed if required by the user. Eg 100 or 100.5

Box includes Main unit, sleeve, RPM sensing wire, hall or reed speed sensor, fitting kits, wiring harness, engine and air temperature sensors.

Exclusively made by Acewell for Royal Motorcycles, New Delhi.

Made in Taiwan

Acewell is the leading manufacturers of Speedometers in the world.



1.       Needle Tachometer

2.       Digital Speedometer

3.       Digital Trip Meter 1/2

4.       Digital Odometer

5.       Engine Temperature

6.       Air Temperature

7.       Maximum and Average speeds

8.       Riding Time

9.       Total Riding Time

10.   Hour Meter

11.   12/24 Hour Clock

12.   Volt Meter

13.   Gear Indicator

14.   Acceleration

15.   Deceleration Timer

16.   Distance Timer

17.   Bar-graphic Fuel and Temperature Gauges

Fitting Instructions:-

This Speedometer is calibrated to be directly compatible with the new Royal Enfield Thunderbird and the Royal Enfield Continental GT wiring. For other motorcycles, additional wiring may be required for using all of the features of the Speedometer.

For Classic 500 EFI models, the stock Fuel Sensor can be used directly.

Fitting to the Bullet ‘Tiger Head’ Headlight casing, the speedometer slot needs to be bored about 4mm for the casing to be fit.

For using the fuel indicator on models without the fuel gauge installed in the tank, getting a new tank made would be a good option with the Thunderbird’s Fuel Gauge system installed in it. We supply such Fuel Tanks at reasonable prices.


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